Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some New Projects, Some Redirection

About a year ago I started this blog to serve a couple of functions -- to be a record of my projects over time, and to be a sort of home base from which to meet and communicate with other knitters. I discovered knitblogging quite by accident when looking up a pattern I liked on the internet and coming up with a bunch of links to the blogs of people who had knitted it. I loved being able to see the photos of different people's versions of the item (non-photo-styled versions, so you have a little extra truth in advertising. . . ), and to read about their process and benefit from their experience. Also, the commenting function of blogs means people can discuss and comment and share -- almost like we do in person. It's just so rare to be around a group of knitters, sewers, crafters for me anymore. I think the happiest I maybe ever was was when I worked at a fabric store and talked crafts all day long ;-) Crappy pay, though.

I digress.

I've noticed that my blogging has sharply fallen off about the time I got my invitation to Ravelry, and I think that's because that site serves pretty much all the functions I was looking for in a blog. I have my project journal, my communication with other knitters, plus an easy way to find all manner of information. It's not for sew-ers, unfortunately, but I don't do that so much these days either.

So I think I'm embracing this trend. I'll still update the blog periodically with new photos, but probably not more frequently than every couple of months. My heart's with Ravelry now and I don't know how much I really need the blog.

Please visit me there as username LydiaAnne.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of finished projects.

The Sienna cardigan is done and highly wearable.

Here is a close-up of the lace fronts.

I also finished a little scarf using the angora yarn I fell in love with at Rhinebeck. It's the dewdrop stitch from Walker's first treasury, and is the same on both sides. The fuzziness of the yarn obscures it a bit, but you can make out the bit of laciness I think.

and a close up . . .