Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snowflakes in March

My snowflake sweater progresses. Tonight I grafted the underarms and sewed in loose ends. I needed a break from the turtle/cowl neck I'm working on up top. It's in a 1x1 rib and is taking forever. I actually already knit the whole thing once already and frogged it because I didn't like how it was laying. I had put in increases and it flopped over on itself in a 1950's-ish way, but unattractively. I'm going for something more scrunchy. Although you can't tell in this photo the neck is pretty wide.

Besides finishing the neck, I also still have some embroidery to do. I started by thinking I would just put some duplicate stitch over the lines where my wrapped floats show through in between the snowflakes, but then I got thinking of maybe adding some other sort of smaller, more freestyle snowflake motif on top in a lighter color, too. Maybe with some swirly bits. This whole project has been experimental from the beginning, so why not try another new thing, eh?

I cannot wait to block this thing and see the colors all settle together.

Here's a picture --