Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mulberry Bush

Round and round I go.

Mostly on the train now, while, ironically, smaller projects remain at home.

I have been thinking about something very radical lately -- finishing Gatsby with a vertical split neck instead of a crew shape.

Monday, May 28, 2007


A very sweet person was here recently for an overnight and sent me a gift subscription to Interweave in thanks. This person was really too sweet for words to think of doing such a thing, and has a little thank you from me headed her way.

I've been having lots of fun with One Skein

Half a tank

Just finished the first half of my summer tank, and it's looking good. I was a little worried that I would run out of yarn, but I finished the first half with about an inch-round ball of yarn to go. With the One-Skein tank as my inspiration, this will seam up the middle of the front and back, so the scoop in the center of this half is the armhole, not the neck.

One more to go!

Dress. Finally!

Here is my completed fall dress. I am nothing if not antiseasonal in my project completion ;-) This is a relatively loose-fitting dress with a high neck and back, which makes it perfect for work. This photo shows it unadorned, but the dress spiffs up really well with layers. I also like it with a belt.

I first made this pattern in 1995 out of a soft summer rayon in an old-fashioned, large flower print. I loved it so much, and it was so comfortable and flattering to wear that I practically didn't take it off for a year. That version was ankle-length, giving it a column-ish feeling. Although my legs are cut off in this photo, the current version hits about 3 inches past the knee (so it will go well with my tall boots).

Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer Tank

I had the good fortune to come across ,ONE SKEIN by Leigh Radford, at the library last week, and saw the cleverly constructed tank top pattern in there. I love how she put the two pieces together with different sides showing and sewed them up the middle. The center seam gives the tank a tunic-like shapeing, and also some visual interest. I'm using this pattern as my inspiration for a summery top with the variegated yarn of the previous post's swatches. Here we have a good bit of the first half completed.

After spending so much time with the size 3 needles and 1x1 rib on Gatsby, the quick knitting on this little top is very satisfying! I'll be back to Gatsby, but am enjoying having another, simpler project too.

I decided to go with the horizontal dash stitch for this piece. Here is a close up of the fabric.

I really like how the intermittent purls call out the random stripes. I started with a few rows of garter stitch at the bottom and will probably add some of that to the neckline, too. I'm thinking to add some cap sleeves, but will pick up stitches and go top-down for that, so don't have to decide for a while yet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pretty summer swatches

My friend D. in Argentina brought me some lovely summery yarn when she visited last month. It's got three different colors in it -- chocolate brown, cream, and a grey-ish purple pastel. It's a twisty, nubbly cotton twisted with something synthetic and satiny that looks like nylon to me.

The hanks are big. She brought me some wonderful lofty lambswool once that was in big hanks, too. I wonder if this is how all yarn is sold in Argentina.

I wound the first one wound up into a big ball.

The yarn has a rustic feeling, and I swatched two variations of knit/purl that I think accentuate the stripey, organic look of it.

The one on the bottom is horizontal dash stitch; it is mostly ss with little strips of purl running through it. The one on the top is vertical caterpillar, which is mostly reverse ss, with lines of knits. I'm really torn as to which one I like best. At first I was in love with the horizontal dash. But then I made the caterpillar just for the heck of it and decided it was my favorite. Now I'm just not sure... We'll see what they look like after blocking. I am thinking this will be a simple, summer shell. A straightforward, wearable project to break up the monotony of Gatsby rounds.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Little Things

Some spring potholders, as ours had become threadbare and fingers were starting to burn around here...

Perhaps not a showcase for sewing virtuosity, but this is really not the time for that anyway. And they *are* lovely, if I do say so -- I made two denim and two red fish, so we are well stocked now.

Also getting about waist high with Gatsby. Herewith approximately 6".