Sunday, April 8, 2007

Great Honk!

Look -- it's a sign of spring...

...or me just being silly.

Here's another shot with less direct light, where we can see some of his features better.

A fun break from the usual in any case, this little duck comes from the book World of Knitted Toys, which contains lots of adorable little creatures from around the world. In addition to the mallard, I particularly fancy the turtle and the wombat.

MATERIALS: various odds and ends of worsted weight yarn from my stash. 2 pipecleaners for feet. stuffing.
NEEDLES: 2 US #4 dpns w/ stoppers on the ends.
TIME: A couple of weeks in the midst of other projects. Could be done in an afternoon.
MODIFICATIONS: I used a heavier yarn than was called for, hoping to minimize show-through of the stuffing. In the future I would knit this in the round on dpns rather than seaming with 6 different colors(!)

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Shelly Hattan said...

I have a blog called Children's Lit N Knit and would like to use your photo of your mallard duck. I'm going to suggest pairing the Mallard Duck with an recent children's book "duck soup"