Thursday, January 4, 2007

another hat

I made this hat for my aunt for Christmas, and I love it so much...

that I decided to make one for *me*

This is the brioche stitch watchcap from Zimmerman's book KNITTING WITHOUT TEARS. I got this book early on when I was a very new knitter. The title was appealing -- I hoped it would explain everything I didn't understand and make the maddening mess of knots and holes I was painstakingly creating make sense. I should know better as a former marketing/publishing person, but hope is a powerful emotion I guess.

I fell in love with the warmth and intelligence in Elizabeth Zimmerman's writing even though I couldn't figure out what she was talking about half the time. I would take this book out about once every 6 months and try to figure out the brioche stitch of which she is so emphatically fond. A couple of months ago I did it again and it made sense! Whether this was a breakthrough for me as a knitter or not, I'm not sure, because when I did finally do it right I thought it was absurdly easy to have caused me so much stress...

The first cap is made from Malabrigo and the new one is a bit less plush, though still nicely fuzzy, in Paton's Up-Country.

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