Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Endless Sweater Makes a Debut

My husband's sweater is finished at last! It actually looks so terrific that I'm feeling inspired to knit another one... Here it is on the wearer

Here's a closeup of the sleeve, which I had started with a crocheted provisional cast-on. Taking the waste yarn out and knitting down to the perfect length was super easy and relieved all anxiety about sleeve length. I will definitely be doing this in future projects for both body and sleeves.

Here's a closeup of the body fabric. I love how this yarn looks after a wet blocking. The texture is a little rough, very cottony, and the colors are gorgeous. There are light icy blue, dark indigo, medium beige, and cameo colors twisted together, and the effect is a subtle sort of pebbly blue/grey that's just lovely. I ordered from and they were able to send me some samples of different colors in the mail so I could see the colors before ordering. That made ordering on the internet much more appealing to me. I'd ordered fabric online before when I lived in rural PA and it was a disappointing experience. Like most people I know, I have to touch everything in the LYS or fabric store. Seeing the colors and feeling the drape are what sell me. Too bad the camera can't capture the complexity --

Pattern: hoodie from from Fall '05 Family Circle Easy Knitting
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too, 2nd Time Cotton, purchased from
Needles: #9 for the body, #8 for the trims, knit back and forth on straight needles
Modifications: none!
In Hindsight: this sweater was totally mindless to knit. I don't think I could bear it again, but it turned out to be a really nice garment, fits the wearer well, and I love the yarn.

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