Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blue Plate Special

I've been getting into color knitting, though still not quite ready to make the time commitment for a sweater on the scale of the Venezia Pullover I admire so much. Maybe in retirement. Or at least a long summer vacation...

Meanwhile, I had great fun with Brooklyn Tweed's Red Light Special Hat. Thanks for the free pattern! I worked this in blue, with some yarn that my mother in law passed along to me from her stash. Love free projects!!!!!!!

Here are some photos. My husband expressed an interest, and has been enjoying his new hat. He was kind enough to give the pig a rest from hat-modeling duty.

This is a close up of the fabric. Sadly, the camera phone is really not up to the task, but we muddle through. Suffice to say that the gradated color arrangement that I admired on BT's original in red, translated well to the blue and it looks really pretty. I went to see the Tiffany exhibit at the Met while I was working on this, and felt kind of inspired ;-)

PATTERN: Design by Brooklyn Tweed Red Light Special Hat
YARN: Various acrylic/wool/other stuff blends from the closets of assorted elderly ladies in Ontario as procured by my wonderful Mother in Law. Black background with forest green, teal, and aqua cc's.
NEEDLES: addi turbo US#3, and US#2 dpns for top
TIME: in between other projects I'd say 3/4 of a season of Netflixed Grey's Anatomy
MODIFICATIONS: I made a provisional cast on and simply turned the hem and sewed down loose stitches instead of knitting them together as directed. I used a much lighter shade cotton yarn for the hem and wasn't sure if it would show through that way.

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brooklyn tweed said...

Wonderful take on the hat, Lydia! I would love for you to add it to the Red Light Special Flickr Group if you're a flickr member. If not, shoot me a copy of the photo over e-mail ( and I'll be happy to add it to the group.