Thursday, February 22, 2007

Variations on a Rib and a Tail

I love swatching. Maybe it's because I'm a little commitment phobic, but I really enjoy playing with different patterns and getting a feel for the yarn at different gauges before deciding what I want to stick with. I've started on another seamless sweater, Zimmerman style, using a rust colored yarn that my mother in law gave me from her stash. It has some angora in it and is very soft with little wispy bits that somehow get stuck to my nose while I work with it. pfhe pfhe.

I'm playing with different types of ribbing to go at the edges. The body of the sweater has a big shadow cable in the center, and I want something that will echo the cable without being too harsh of a transition. I'm playing with some sort of fade...

I think right now my favorite is the one that starts with the 2x2 rib and fades to the little mini-shadows. But I dont' have to decide for a while!

Here's the body in progress. Tail not included.

Oh fine then -- be in the photo...

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