Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fanny Pack

I made a "Fanny" pack as a project for Knit the Classics. I have had it in my mind for a while to attempt making a fanny pack that would somehow defy the horrible dorkiness of the genre. I like to go on walks myself and hate always carrying a purse, so I'm hopeful this will be useful for keys and a little cash in my own perambulations ;-)

I also have been musing about ways to integrate sewing and knitting and wanted to try it out with a small, simple project. I have this sweater/jacket with bulky knitted ribbing in my mind, but I'm not ready to go there yet.

Here are two shots of the pack, one laid flat and the other on my own behind.

I didn't have a pattern for this, but it is extremely simple -- just some rectangles folded over to make a flap. The pack is lined with a floral satin fabric. I left a hole on either side of the pouch and slid a strap through to hold it on the body. It's got a plastic clasp on the other side. The knitted element is just a twisted rib in a pale blue cotton yarn I had on hand, the button is antique and pleasantly splotchy, and the anchor is one of those iron-on patches.


Jenni said...

I love the anchor on it...just a little memento of William.

Cobbalicious said...

That's very nice. I am a novice sewer, and don't even have my own machine. Any suggestions for how to sew knit fabric to woven? Do you use interfacing? (lizcobbe AT yahoo DOT com)