Monday, August 27, 2007

New Leaf for Rowan Wool Cotton

I've just returned from a week and a half here

and it was wonderful. Maybe you have to live in NYC to say this about Gloucester, but -- it smelled good.

While I was away I got some knitting done on my new project.
After the Gatsby letdown, I've started designing a little sweater with my beloved Wool Cotton yarn.

Here is a humble little sketch (I'm no Fitz Henry Lane) --

It starts with about 5 inches in the King Charles Brocade stitch pattern. I like the different diamond motifs in various stitch patterns in the Vogue Knitting book, and will be incorporating more diamonds in the rest of the sweater. I'm going to break the C. Rex though, and continue in seed stitch for most of the body of the sweater.

I put in a knitted-in hem, and that was fabulous. It was a bit tricky knitting it up while following the stitch pattern, but I went slowly and it worked out nicely. I love the clean finish of the knitted up hem. I put a hem in my saddle-shoulder sweater, but I didn't love sewing it up and I think I tugged it off center a bit. The knit-up hem solves all of that.

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knititch said...

i am a sucker for knitted up hems. and it is very nice if you use a contrast colour on the inside. and wool cotton is a good blend.
i am looking forward to seeing if we can make a project with our classes. mine are very keen on the project.