Friday, March 16, 2007

Moi, Apres le Deluge...

We were in California last week. It was warm and lovely and hard to come home. Especially since it's been sleeting and snowing on and off here in NYC now for two days.

Here is a photo of the sun setting over the ocean -- something we never see here(!)

Before the beach was the deluge of schoolwork in which I thought I would really drown. Throughout, I still somehow managed a little sewing and knitting.

A dress is almost near completion from the drapey plum wool/rayon fabric purchased at Paron Fabrics several weeks (months?) ago. Here is the bodice. I did some edgestitching by hand to keep the facings flat. I've made this dress many times before and always have problems with the facings rolling out on the edge and needing to be constantly tucked back in during wear, so this time, I just went all around with a light thread. I may just put in a bodice lining next time and be done with it.

Yes, it is sideways, but I *promise* I won't wear it that way.

The skirt has been attached and the zipper sewn in as well. This dress has been hanging on the back of the closet door now for several weeks, actually, just waiting to be hemmed. I hate finishing. Maybe this could get done tomorrow...

I also knitted a scarf for my friend as a present. The yarn is gorgeous like you would not believe. There is a green/brown version of this yarn with a luminescent purple sheen that I pick up and fondle every time I am in Purl SoHo. Someday, if I have the perfect sweater pattern and win the lottery, I'll buy it all and make the most fabulous garment ever. The woman working in the shop last time I was in said she thought it was seaweed colored, and I like that comparison a lot. My friend, though, is more of a blue/purple kind of girl, so for her I bought two hanks of this yarn for a small scarf in a kind of bright teal with a purpley/indigo overlay. It's stunning, merino and silk and supersoft, and I had a lot of fun choosing a stitch that would show it off properly.

We will await final specs to accompany a final photo, but here is the scarf in progress. It's a garter/chevron pattern knitted as two sides that I joined later in the center with a row of bobbles and some grafting.

Meanwhile, I keep going round and round and round on my second seamless sweater (with the shadow cable)...round and round...

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