Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mulberry Bush

Round and round I go.

Mostly on the train now, while, ironically, smaller projects remain at home.

I have been thinking about something very radical lately -- finishing Gatsby with a vertical split neck instead of a crew shape.


Katie said...

This looks great - love the blue trim.

amanda said...

Thanks for the comment on my Swan Lake! I love that cupcake in your other post, it's totally adorable.

Shan said...

My stars and garters, I love that sweater. Who would have thought, from that IK photo, that it looks so nice in real life?

No, I haven't read Shirley, I'm ashamed to say. Funny you should mention it - I just picked it up in a used bookstore, where I saw it for the first time EVER. Isn't that odd? I also grabbed Villette but haven't read that yet either.

PS: your word verification seems to know just how simple-minded I have been lately, and has kindly given me a nice short "rslgf" in huge clear letters. I could weep with joy - I have such trouble with those things usually.