Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pretty summer swatches

My friend D. in Argentina brought me some lovely summery yarn when she visited last month. It's got three different colors in it -- chocolate brown, cream, and a grey-ish purple pastel. It's a twisty, nubbly cotton twisted with something synthetic and satiny that looks like nylon to me.

The hanks are big. She brought me some wonderful lofty lambswool once that was in big hanks, too. I wonder if this is how all yarn is sold in Argentina.

I wound the first one wound up into a big ball.

The yarn has a rustic feeling, and I swatched two variations of knit/purl that I think accentuate the stripey, organic look of it.

The one on the bottom is horizontal dash stitch; it is mostly ss with little strips of purl running through it. The one on the top is vertical caterpillar, which is mostly reverse ss, with lines of knits. I'm really torn as to which one I like best. At first I was in love with the horizontal dash. But then I made the caterpillar just for the heck of it and decided it was my favorite. Now I'm just not sure... We'll see what they look like after blocking. I am thinking this will be a simple, summer shell. A straightforward, wearable project to break up the monotony of Gatsby rounds.

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shopgirl said...

Aw shucks. Thanks for leaving the nicest comment ever!

I will be keeping an eye on your gatsby- I have always had a little crush on that pattern.